Bikini – base model
Material: supplex /Italy/
A fit of the panties is medium varies from classical to high (according to your desire),
due to the elasticity of the fabric.
Panties can be worn high - over the hips, converting the bikini line to "Brazilian", or
vice versa to lower the swimsuit below the hips, the bikini line will be classic.
Triangular bodice on the tie.
There is space for cups in the lining of the bodice.
In all the seams of the swimsuit sewn silicone ribbons, thanks to this the swimsuit
holds well the form.
Matte: white, black, red, beige, orange, khaki, leopard
Pearl: emerald, burgundy, dark gray
Manufacturing: Russia
Recommendations for care:
Hand wash in water no more than 30 degrees,
Do not dry on the battery!


3900 руб.Цена